NEW BODY LINE is located in MAHDIA, the center of the Tunisian textile industry.

The factory is very accessible and close to three international airports:

• Monastir Habib BOURGUIBA à 40kms,

• Sfax 100 kms.

• Tunis Carthage 220 Kms.

Founded in the early 10th century as the capital of Fatimid-ruled Tunisia, Mahdia is today a quiet port town and provincial center of about 45,000 people, known for its fishing, silk weaving and olive industries.

One of Tunisia’s most picturesque cities, Mahdia lies between Sousse and Sfax and has many historic attractions, including the ruins of an ancient Punic city (pre-dating Mahdia), the Fatimid port, the first Fatimid mosque (built in the 10th century), and a 16th-century Ottoman fort.